© Heinrich Plewnia 2012 multifunctional logging cart Different kinds of logging carts are well known for transportation of logs during the production of fire wood. This carts allow a relative easy transportation of logs out of the forest or from the storing place to the splitter. To rise up heavy logs into the vertical position without any addtional technical aids is a very strenuous work. With this new “multifunctional logging cart” it is possible to transport logs in the known manner, as well as to place a heavy log in the upright position exactly under the wedge of a vertical splitter. This is possible due to  lifting means and a special design of the portal axle. With the fixation of a simple carrier it is also possible to transport a bunch of smaller logs or already splitted wood. This logging cart provides an enormous help during  the production of fire wood and especially avoids pain in the back during or after the work. A picture gallery as well as a small Video show a small selection of applications of the new logging cart.